I appreciate you stopping by and actually wanting to read about who I am. I am Heather Necessary, the owner and professional photographer at Blue Dog Imaging. 17 years ago, after moving around the country for a while, I came back to my hometown in Central PA, opening a little studio in a Selinsgrove garden level storefront. The studio grew and changed over the years, and I now work on location, adapting each shoot to the chosen space.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia is where I learned photography, back in the days of film, and Photoshop took agonizingly long just to cut and paste a picture. Trust me, it was torture. I learned the importance of capturing the desired image in camera, making me an efficient and confident photographer. Controlling light is my thing and I create clean, timeless images with genuine colors and tones.

 Over the years I have done thousands of shoots, including weddings, portraits, editorials, and corporate projects, but my passion and tenacity for my profession hasn’t faded. Each experience is still interesting and unique. Meeting new people, connecting with them and telling their stories through photos is what keeps me going. I put a lot of value on the trust that my clients have in me. Being able to deliver images that capture their specific vision is like handing them the best gift ever!

So, I know you’re wondering (and you’re not alone): Is there really a Blue Dog? The answer is: Yes! The business was named after my first Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler), Sydney. Since getting Sydney as a puppy, I have fostered a number of cattle dogs, even adopting two of them along the way! I'm also a proud Mom to two boys, Conor and Lane, who certainly keep me on my toes!

 Most of my assignments take place in Central Pennsylvania, between Harrisburg, State College, Williamsport and the Poconos. Conveniently, I am centrally located in Shamokin Dam, right where the east and west branches of the Susquehanna River meet up. I’ve done shoots nationwide and am always willing to travel. While I’m up for tackling any project or assignment, I specialize in weddings, commercial and editorial photography.

Drop me at a line at info@bluedogimaging.com or call the office at 570-898-0887

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